My husband and I first visited Barbados the winter of 2012 and have since being going back to this beautiful Island. We are confident that our love for Barbados was... read more

Bonita was always extremely professionsal, business savvy but very customer focused. She understood Property Management in a way that I have never experienced... read more

Bonnie has been our right hand in Barbados for many years. She solves every problem quickly and with a smile. She is so wonderful we trusted her to... read more

You are great to work with and a wonderful ambassador for your company. We are looking forward to our next vacation in beautiful Barbados - we already miss your welcoming... read more

I wish we could have given you a big hug and say thank you, thank you, thank you! Bonnie you are truly an amazing person and it's all because of you and you only that... read more

When I was ready to start my business, Bonnie was recommended to me. I didn’t know where to start. She found my office space, incorporated my company... read more

Lifestyle Management
Corporate Travel

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